Today I prepared what from this day forward will be known as the greatest steak of my life. Now, to be fair, I have consumed two other steaks in my life that, after dining upon, I found myself propelled into an even more frenzied state. But one of those dishes cost $50–not $50 for the dinner either, fifty dollars for just the steak! You had to pick your sides a la cart since the steak itself was built up as such a main event item. I think I went with green beans for $8 as my lone side. Ah, I digress. The second behemoth I devoured while  at Ruth Chris & weighed in at an obnoxious$118. So yes, those two were tastier. But here’s the qualifier; I didn’t prepare either of those two lavish feasts myself. Today, I created my own bite of euphoria for a mere $6.99/lb with an in store Kroger coupon!

Now that we have established the backdrop information, I can share the Zen-like epiphany I uncovered while in the midst of my carnal intoxication. Earlier that day, I had found reason to question some of the choices I’ve made in life. I began to second guess some of the twists & turns that managed to wind me up here. Had I taken the wrong road when presented with the proverbial “two roads” diverging in Robert Frost’s famous poem? Had I taken the wrong road–gasp–numerous times, in fact?

But when I decided to bite into the sizzling, dripping meat without the benefit of steak sauce or an accompanying bite of my vegetable side–when I experienced the meat in it’s simplest form–it hit me. Success in life is, in the simplest analogy, is akin to engineering the perfect dinner. We pour a great amount of time in collecting the ingredients. We devote equal time preparing those ingredients. Afterwards, we start the cooking process. And finally, at the end of all the day’s labor, we present ourselves with a masterpiece of smoking brilliance. But the window to enjoy it is oh so brief; because the perfect blend of temperature & juiciness & freshness & hunger combine to occupy the same space for a span that’s disproportionately small when compared to time it takes to make that moment possible . My Mom used to tell me, “Eat your dinner while it’s hot.” A great warlord once said, “Strike while the iron is hot!” And to seize success in life, we sometimes have to find ourselves in the right place & right time when we ourselves are hot. Perhaps I am where I am because I missed my precious small window to light up the sky. Like timing our consumption of a perfectly prepared dinner our time to act is as brief as a flash in the pan, or we spend the rest of our lives wondering “What if?”

“Carpe Diem!” Right?

Or we can always wait for the in store coupon to come around again & pay just $6.99/lb so we can do it all again next week! Sure. Phew! “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood . . . .”


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