Impure” as defined on–not pure; mixed with extraneous matter, especially of an inferior of contaminating nature:

“Impure thoughts” as defined on–not morally pure or proper; unchaste or obscene:


I plan to use this online space as my running journal–my, as I once called it, “brain-storming safe haven.” I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts from a public brick & mortar university. While I achieved reasonable success as a writer academically, I never did much with it professionally. However, documenting my thoughts has always been & always will be an important matter to me.

I referenced the above denotations of the words “impure” & “impure thoughts” to provide some context. But I don’t classify my content as “impure thoughts” to be “unchaste or obscene;” rather, as “unfiltered, & so unrefined.” I intend for my posts to be honest & spontaneous; an academic adaptation of a “come as you are” party from decades past. But I realize that by aiming for sincerity, I risk offending members of the audience with my “unfiltered” content. And so, to save time, I’ll just label my work for those of you who will inevitably disagree with me as “impure.”