I apologize in advance because I realize that current pop cultures deems this topic controversial, but gun ownership has been an American tradition for generations, especially in rural areas. I have been a legal gun owner for almost twenty years; everything I currently own I purchased through a dealer with an FFL (Federal Firearms License). I consider gun ownership, especially in our current social climate, a grave responsibility as much as a right. In my pursuit to uphold my responsibility as an upstanding gun owner, I typically visit the range at least once a month. Starting this year, I began documenting my range sessions in a small notebook along with a few pictures from my smartphone. Here is a record of my sessions so far in 2020.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Why Inner Circle? Well, watching network news, I clearly get the message that gun ownership is a taboo in current American culture. Those who choose to participate are shuffled off into an outer circle of undesirables. But for those of us who choose to include firearms as part of our lives for non-violent, non-criminal purposes consider one another & ourselves the inner circle. Plus, when the time comes to fire your weapon on a target at the range, its always best to aim for the Inner Circle. Safe shooting.